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At MECANITZATS LLAM we have incorporated a new model of CNC lathe from the Doosan Lynx brand.

The horizontal CNC lathes are machines designed to turn the work pieces into a cylinder, while the cutting tools shape the piece by eliminating the excess material. The workpieces must be placed vertically, so CNC lathes are used for the production of medium and small parts.

It must also be considered that the chuck of this type of lathe holds the pieces vertically, against the force of gravity, so it is recommended to use them to shape light materials. Doosan lynx CNC lathes are designed to carry out works with a very high level of precision, generating pieces with a superior quality finish.

They offer high speed graduations of the transverse cups and turrets, which make the cuts more effective and minimize the turning times. The technological advances incorporated in the Doosan lynx brand CNC lathe make it possible to combine traditional part manufacturing methods with technological advances to offer very high quality products. Among its main characteristics, they stand out:

  • It incorporates a high speed spindle.
  • It has the capacity to work with large bars of up to 76 cm,
  • It incorporates a 10″ mandrel.
  • Includes a parts receiver.
  • Incorporates a curved coupling.
  • Allows for quick turret adjustments.
  • It is mounted on an inclined bench made of high resistance cast iron.
  • Includes a pre-stressed X-axis ball screw.
  • The lubrication process is controlled by the piston distributor.